NEW Ekobrew
Reusable Filter For Keurig Brewers

Do You Own A Keurig Brewer?

You NEED an Ekobrew!

You can still support your local roaster, save money and save the planet from "k cup overload"

I personally have had a Keurig brewer for over 2 years.  I love the technology and it allows me to "change up" my coffee varieties without waste.

However, the Keurig produced "My K Cup" required removing the filter holder and at the end of the day the coffee produced was sub par.

Ekobrew changes all that!  I'm in love!



No plastic cup to throw away and biodegradeable packaging offer a green alternative.

Saves Money:

$0.15 average cost per cup versus $0.70 for K-Cups

Use Your Own Coffee:

Actually, use our coffee :-)  Thank You for your loyalty!

No Filter Holder Removal:

Unlike the My K-Cup, Ekobrew does not require removing the filter holder.

Still not convinced?  Email me for a spec sheet with more details.

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Price: $12.95