Special Edition Italian Espresso Blend

Happy 13th Anniversary LOVE STORY BLEND!

The LOVE STORY BLEND is our Italian Espresso Blend which is roasted and blended according to Italian tradition. A dark roasted blend of superior coffee beans from Africa and Central and South America combine to produce an exceptional cup of espresso. The rich flavors and superior crema make us certain that our espresso will be one of the finest you have ever tasted. As our darkest roast coffee, our espresso blend is much more than an espresso. This roast makes a fabulous cup of coffee in a French Press or drip coffee maker as well. If you enjoy a dark, full-roast, try this blend today!

You may be wondering why this coffee is also referred to as the "Love Story Blend". The reason is this...when I met Brian in February of 2003, he was already in the coffee industry. He soon learned that I loved coffee and he began trying to impress me with a variety of coffees he was roasting just for me. When he delivered the Italian Espresso Blend, I realized that Brian had far too much talent and passion to be working for a big coffee company that did not appreciate his artisanal skills and set out to convince him that our destiny was not only to fall in love and start a life together, but to start a business together....the coffee business! The rest is history and our life together and our business together continues to grow and amaze us!

The specially packaged release of this coffee every Valentine's season is a reminder that we miss 100% of the shots we don't take. We encourage everyone to live the life they dream about. For us, the road less traveled has made all the difference.

This year we're Celebrating 13 years in love and in business and we will celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on January 17, 2016!  We will be packaging our Love Story Blend this February in special red bags in 11oz and 5.5oz sizes to commemorate these milestones. Each package has a specal label front and back with the story included.  A perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and all the "lovebirds" and dreamers in your life.

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Price: $12.50